Prize Announcement

The Enrico Anglesio Prize for a research on Cancer Epidemiology awarded during the annual GRELL Meeting (GRELL Round) and during the IACR Meeting (IACR Round)

Starting in 2017, the GRELL round of the Enrico Anglesio Prize merges with the IACR round. We hope that young epidemiologists from latin languages countries would take the opportunity to apply for an international competition, which guarantees larger audiences and a really stimulating contest.

In the meantime, the Fondo Elena Moroni is working to launch new editions of the Prize in partially different fields, connected to Professor Anglesio accomplishments in clinical oncology and advocacy.

The Fondo Elena Moroni, Torino, Italy, awards a prize aimed to recognise an original scientific research work on Cancer Epidemiology conduced by a young researcher working with a Cancer Registry or another centre of epidemiology.

The prize is awarded on a yearly basis during the GRELL Meeting (GRELL Round), and during the IACR Meeting (IACR Round). Works running for the Prize must be included in the scientific programme as oral presentations.

Candidates must be below 35 years at the date of the award. For a single edition/round, the Presidency of the Fondo Elena Moroni may decide to release the age limit up to 40 years of age. Each candidate must be the only or the first author of the research work submitted, and must personally present the work at one of the oral sessions of the GRELL meeting and of the IACR meeting respectively. The research work must be unpublished and cannot have been previously presented to any other conference. A candidate can run the two Rounds (GRELL and IACR) of the Prize in the same year, with different works. If the award winning work is published within one year on a scientific journal with impact factor, the prize amount will be multiplied upon publication. The basic amount of the Prize is 500 Euro; it is doubled to 1000 Euro if the work is published on a Journal with impact factor between 2.00 and 4.00; it is multiplied by three (reaching 1500 Euro) if the work is published on a journal with impact factor over 4.00. The Enrico Anglesio Prize must be mentioned in the acknowledgments of the article.

One year for publication means that 365 days is the maximum time between the date of the ceremony of award and the date of the letter of final acceptance from the journal to which the paper has been successfully submitted.

Both the basic amount of the Prize and its multiplication when the case, are payable to the winner within the mid of December of the corresponding year.

The prize award and the title of the research will be successively publicised through the websites and the newsletter of various organisations, through some scientific journals in the field and through the UICC newsletter.

To participate

Upon receiving confirmation from the GRELL or IACR Meeting Scientific Committee that their work has been included in one of the oral presentation sessions of the meeting, candidates may simply participate to the prize award by mailing the completed application form to the Fondo Elena Moroni administration (, with the abstract and their CV attached.

The award winning work and its author will be chosen by an ad hoc Jury; and the prize award will be announced during the closing session of the scientific meeting.

Applying to the Enrico Anglesio Prize, awarded by Fondo Elena Moroni.

1. Candidates must not have reached 35 years of age at the opening date of the scientific meeting (GRELL and IACR Rounds) during which the Prize is awarded.

2. The paper submitted to the scientific congress will have been accepted as oral presentation.

3. The candidate is the only, or first, author of the submitted paper, and will personally present the paper.

4. The paper will not have previously been submitted elsewhere.

5. Candidates should add to their application a summary of their CV, using this form only.
NB: CV in other formats will not be accepted and will result in an incomplete application.

Curricula will be sent to Fondo Elena Moroni ( at least 15 days before the Congress begins.

Download the application form
Download the CV form

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