Elena Moroni Zanetti

Graduated in Political Science, and for many years was the librarian of the Neurological Hospital of the University of Milan, as well as an active volunteer in Milan. During the last part of her life Elena worked in the field of economics and published (with S. Finardi) the essay on the economy of transport: “Stati d’eccezione. Zone e porti franchi nell’economia-mondo”, Franco Angeli Editore, 2000.

Enrico Anglesio

Graduated in medicine in 1933, was a pioneer of modern oncology and chemotherapy in Italy. He contributed to research on lymphomas and founded one of the first Cancer Registries in the Southern European region, directing the coordination bodies of descriptive epidemiology. Enrico Anglesio had an active role in the UICC and was National Councillor and President of the Turin branch of the Italian League Against Cancer. He wrote several scientific publications, a digest of practical oncology and a brief history of oncology.

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