Dora Loria

Dr Dora Loria


Brief CV: Dr Dora Loria

Graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (UBA) with a PhD in Public Health. At the Institute of Oncology Angel Roffo (UBA): a) 1970-2012 researcher at the Research Area of the where; b) Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Environmental Carcinogenesis (2003 -12); c) Member of Teaching and Research Committee (1993-96) and Coordinator of the Committee (1997-2005).

Member of the National Scientific and Technological Research (1998- 2001). Evaluator of several fellowships/grants: from the National Cancer Institute in Argentina (INC), from the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (National Ministry of Education) and the Health Research grants from the Ministry of Health.

Evaluator of research projects and applications for entry to researcher career (FONCYT-CONICET).

Member of the thesis jury of the Master in Epidemiology, Management and Health Policies of the Institute of Collective Health of the National University of Lanus.

Member of the Advisory Committee of LALCEC, Argentine League Against Cancer.

Author of numerous papers published in scientific journals with peer reviews and numerous works presented at meetings of oncology and dermatology.

Peer reviewer from BioMed Central Editorial, International Journal of Dermatology and ecancer Medical Science.

Teacher and trainer of human resources especially in the area of cancer epidemiology. Forming human resources and consultant for cancer registries.

Executive Director of Cutaneous Melanoma Registry, Argentina (2004-2019).

Member of the Advisory Council of the National Cancer Institute

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