The Enrico Anglesio Prize Alumni Committee

connect, engage, succeed, celebrate

motto: Carpe Diem et Scientiam

“…we need your numbers and science, but
we need you to put it also in context, we
want you not just to count and register the numbers,
we need your numbers to count and shout…”

Princess Dina Mired
UICC President
Cancer Control Advocate
Lyon, IARC 50°, 7 June 2015

“…Technology and science are converging
in ways that will bring discoveries to
clinics – and into our homes – at the most
rapid pace in human history…”

Angelina Jolie
Cancer survivor
Actress, filmmaker, humanitarian
TIME magazine, 24 October 2019

Alumni Committee: Agenda for 2023

News from the Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee Meeting in Granada (Spain)

On Thursday 16 November 2023 the Alumni Committee organised an in-person meeting during the 2023 ENCR-IACR Conference in Granada (Spain). Thanks to the help of local organisers the event was streamed live via Zoom and a good number of Alumni had the opportunity to participate. The event aimed to strengthen the connections among the members, allowing them to meet and to share experiences in an informal setting. At the same time the Cabinet took the opportunity to update on past activities and to present and discuss future plans (a summary can be found here).

From left to right: (standing) Robin Schaffar, Mojca Birk, Nika Bric, Keiu Paapsi, Junna Sakane, Lidia Sacchetto, Yuri Ito, (seated) Emiko Oka, Laura Botta, Laura Ortelli, Alice Bernasconi

Webinar: Tips for effective communication

On Thursday 4 May 2023 at 11:30 AM (CEST) the first Webinar organised by the Alumni Committee: Mojca Birk and Nika Bric from Cancer Registry of Republic of Slovenia presented “Tips for Preparing an Understandable and Visually Attractive Presentation and/or Video” (slides and useful material can be found here: slides1, slides2, references). The event was open to all interested people and a good number of participants joined via Zoom. A vivid discussion followed the main presentations.

Alumni Committee Cabinet & Members Representatives meeting in Turin (Italy)

Thanks to the support of the Fondo Elena Moroni, on Friday 11 November 2022 representatives from the Alumni Committee Cabinet and members met in-person in Turin (Italy). The event was an opportunity to discuss on what has been done and on challenges and to plan the activities for the 2023. It was really fruitful with many great ideas and proposals to be put in place in the next months. In addition the participants also contributed to the Enrico Anglesio Prize Award Ceremony with a very nice sketch (have a look here).

From left to right: Diana Withrow, Lidia Sacchetto, Andrea Gini, Laura Ortelli, Rym Mallekh

Appointment of the Cabinet

For the initial round of activity (2021-2022) of the EAP Alumni Committee, an election would have been premature; indeed during this period of pandemic the Alumni have less than usual opportunities to meet and get acquainted each other. Therefore the Fondo Elena Moroni decided to go on with a direct appointment for the first cycle of activities, and identified some enthusiastic alumni to serve in the Cabinet with similar roles and responsibilities (for this starting year there will be no differences between Prefecti and Ancillus/a).

They are:

Yuri Ito
(Japan, 2010 Winner)
Daniel Jurado
(Colombia, 2016 Winner)
Robin Schaffar
(Switzerland, 2014 Winner)
Diana Withrow
(United States*, 2020 Winner)
(presently UK)

assisted by

Lidia Sacchetto (2016 Winner; Fondo Elena Moroni Vice-President) as Liaison Officer with the Fondo Elena Moroni Board of Directors

At the beginning of 2024 a formal election will be called, according to the AC Term of Reference (reproduced at the bottom of this page). One of the members appointed today will step down (voluntarily or drawn by lot) and the position of Prefectus/a Elect will be on ballot. The three others will respectively fill the positions of Past Prefectus/a (the elder), Ancillus/a (the younger) and incumbent Prefectus/a (the third of them). The election mechanism will thus be normalized for the years to come.

Congratulations and good look to the newly appointed Cabinet !

Alumni Committee: Member’s List

 NameInstitute at the time of the contestResultYear
James Oluwasegun ABDULAZEEZMaiduguri Cancer Registry, University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Maiduguri, Borno StateContester2011
Natasha ABRAHAMSouth African National CancerContester2018
 Isabel AGUILARAragon Institute of Health Sciences (IAC+S) ZaragozaContester2009
Laura AIXALA-PERELLOTerragona Cancer RegistryContester2020
Sarah ALLEGRAUniversity of Turin – Dept. of Clinical and Biological Sciences – REGIONE GONZOLE 10Contester2022
 Claudia ALLEMANIIRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, MilanoWinner EAP2008
Fernanda ALVES DE OLIVEIRAInstitute of Cancer of the State of Sao Paulo (ICESP) – Clinical OncologyContester2023
 Alberto AMEIJIDEFundaciò Lliga pa a Investigacion I Prevenciò del Cancer (FUNCA) CataloniaContester2010
Lan ANNational Cancer Center of China – National Central Cancer RegistryContester2021
Rodrigo ASSARUniversidad de Chile, School of MedicineContester2015
Kueshivi Midodji ATSOUINSERM U-1231 – Registre des Hémopathies Malignes de la Côte d’Or – 16 Bis Chemin De La Carrière Bacquin,Contester2022
Alix AUGUSTINRegistre des hémopathies malignes de Cote D’OrContester2017
Paolo BAILIIstituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori – MilanoContester2012
 Ganesh BALASUBRAMANIAMTata Memorial HospitalContester2017
 Ileana BALDICancer Epidemiology Unit, University of Turin and C.P.O. PiemonteContester2006
Joana BASTOSRegisto Oncológico Regional do Centro, CoimbraContester2012
Alice BERNASCONIFondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori – Evaluative Epidemiology Unit, Department of Epidemiology and Data ScienceWinner EAP2023
Aurelie BERTAUTCentre Georges Francois LeclercContester2014
 Giulia BERTINIIstituto per lo Studio la Prevenzione e Rete Oncologica, FlorenceContester2020
Mahadev BHISECentre of Cancer Epidemiology, ACTREC, Tata Memorial Centre – Dept. of Medical Records and Cancer Registries – New MumbaiContester2022
Jàmnica BIGORRA ROMANFundació Lliga per a la Investigació i Prevenció del Càncer (FUNCA)Contester2016
 Rebecca BIRCHUniversity of LeedsContester2016
Mojca BIRKInstitute of Oncology Ljubljana – Epidemiology and Cancer Registry – ZaloÅ¡ka cesta 2Winner EAP, OT2022, 2023
 Daniela BOGGIANIAzienda Ospedaliero Universitaria di ParmaContester2013
Laura BOTTAIstituto Nazionale Tumori, MilanoContester2016
 Tonya BRANDEMBURGKentucky Cancer RegistryContester2019
Nika BRICInstitute of Oncology Ljubljana – Epidemiology and Cancer Registry – Zaloska 2, 1000 LjubljanaContester2021, 2022
Alicia BRUNSSENInstitute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology, University of LuebeckContester2017
Joséphine BRYERE-THEAULTINSERM – UCBN, Centre François BaclesseContester2015
Carlotta BUZZONIClinical and descriptive epidemiology unit, ISPO, Florence, ItalyContester2013
Florentino Luciano CAETANO DOS SANTOSPolish National Cancer Registry – Contester2021
Giulia CAPITOLIUniversity of Milano – Bicocca – School of Medicine and Surgery, Bicocca Bioinformatics Biostatistics and Bioimaging Centre – B4Contester2021, 2022, 2023
Beatriz CARBALLORegistro de Provincial de Tumores de CórdobaContester2016
Carlotta CARBONICentre Hospitalier Universitaire De La Guadeloupe, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe – Registre des Cancers de la GuadeloupeContester2021
 Daniela CARDOSORegistro de Cancer de base populacional, GoianiaContester2012
Raphaele CASTAGNE’INSERM, UMR1027, Université ToulouseContester2016
Marine CASTAINGRegistro Tumori Integrato (RTI) delle province di Catania-Messina-Siracusa-Enna, CataniaContester2013
 Clara CASTRONorth Region Cancer Registry of PortugalWinner EAP2014
Alberto CATALANOUniversity of Turin – Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences – Regione Gonzole 10, Orbassano (TO), 10043Contester2022
Jennifer ChadderCanadian Partnership against CancerContester2015
Ru CHENCancer Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences – National Central Cancer Registry – 17 Panjiayuan South Lane, Chaoyang DistrictContester2022
 Gladys Chebet CHESUMBAIThe Eldoret Cancer RegistryContester2015,2023
 Ramon CLERIESBarcelonaContester2007
Énora CLEROGroupe d’Epidémiologie des Radiations, CESP, VillejuifContester2011
Paola Andrea COLLAZOS RODRIGUEZUniversidad del Valle, Faculty of Health, Department of Pathology, CaliContester2015
Violeta Corina CRISTEAAthena Hospital, TimisoaraContester2012
 Elisa DAMAChildhood Cancer Registry of Piedmont – CPO PiemonteContester2006
Mylène DANDOIT-BOURGEATRegistre des hémopathies malignes de Côte d’Or, DijonContester2014
Eline DE HEUSNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland, IKNL) – Research & DevelopmentContester2021
 Kelly M DE LIGTNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), UtrechtContester2017
Dominique Valerie Clarence DEL JELNetherlands Cancer Institute / Antoni van Leeuwenhoek – Head and Neck SurgeryContester2021
Cyrille DELPIERRERegistre des cancers du TarnWinner EAP2009
 Veronica DI CARLOLSHTMContester2019
 Matteo DI MASOIRCCS, Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Aviano (PN)Contester2013
Pegdwende Olivia DIALLABreast and Gynaecologic Cancer Registry of Cote d’Or, DijonContester2012
 Michael EDENCambridge University Hospitals NHS Trust Histopathology DepartmentContester2016
Rebecca EHRENKRANZNCIContester2019
Anouk Henrica EIJKELBOOMNetherlands comprehensive cancer organisation (IKNL) – Research & DevelopmentContester2021
 Muhammed ELFAITURIFaculty of Medicine, Tripoli UniversityContester2019
 Elizabeth Jane ELLISLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine LondonContester2010
Loraine Augustine ESCOBEDOUniversity of Southern CaliforniaContester2014
 Laura ESTEBANInstitut Català d’Oncologia. Registre de Mortalitat de CatalunyaContester2008
 Jaione ETXEBERRIADep. of Satistics University of NavarraContester2010
 Sonia FERNANDEZ BALBUENAPublic Health Office, Valladolid, SpainContester2010
 Daniela FERRANTECPO – Piemonte & Università del Piemonte OrientaleContester2010
Miranda FIDLER-BENAOUDIA Contester2017
Gonçalo FORJAZ DE LACERDARegisto Oncológico Regional dos Açores, Centro de Oncologia dos AçoresContester2013
 Keisuke FUKUIOsaka Medical CollegeContester2018
Sneha Mary GEORGERegional Cancer Center, Trivandrum ,Kerala – Division of Cancer Epidemiology & BiostatisticsContester2021
Andrea GINIInternational Agency for Research on Cancer – Cancer Surveillance BranchContester2021
Susan HASANPOUR-HEIDARIGolestan Research Center of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, – Golestan University of Medical Sciences – Golshahr boulevard- golshahr 8 – gol ara 19- rose apatment- 1Contester2022
Wen-Qiang HEUniversity of New South Wales – School of Population HealthContester2021
Kimberly HERGETUtah Cancer RegistryContester2019
 Christian HERRMANNKrebsregister St. Gallen-Appenzell, St. GallenContester2012
 Megumi HORINational Cancer Centre JapanContester2019
Elena ISAEVSKAPiedmont Childhood Cancer RegistryContester2016
Yuri ITOOsaka Medical Centre for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases, OsakaWinner EAP2010
Ruth JACKThames Cancer Registry, LondonContester2012
Nastaran JAFARI-DELOUEIGolestan university of medical science – Golestan Research Center of Gastroenterology & Hepatology – Sayad Shirazi HospitalContester2022
Elima JEDY-AGBAInstitute of Human VirologyContester2015
David JEGOUBelgian Cancer RegistryWinner EAP2015
Jérémie JEGULaboratoire d’épidémiologie et de santé publique, Faculté de médecine, Université de StrasbourgWinner EAP2012
 Clarisse JOACHIM-CONTARETRegistre General Des Cancers De La MartiniqueContester2018
 Samantha JONESBC Cancer Research CentreContester2019
Daniel Marcelo JURADOCancer Registry of PastoWinner EAP2016
Nena KARAVASILOGLOUCancer Registry of the Cantons Zurich, Zug, Schafflausen and SchwyzContester2020
Hyem KHIARISalah Azaiez Institute of cancer Tunis – Contester2020, 2021
Amy KLAPHEKECancer Registry of Greater CaliforniaContester2019
 Marvin Koon SUN-PATUniversity of MauritiusContester2019
Sara KORATInstitute of Oncology Ljubljana – Epidemiology and Cancer RegistryContester2021
Annemiek KWASTComprehensive Cancer Centre the Netherlands, UtrechtContester2012
 Olivia LACROIXUniversité Catholique de LouvainContester2017
 Joo YOUNG LEECancer Registration and Statistics Branch, Goyang-si Gyeonggi-doContester2011
Jane LIANGHarvard T.H. School of Public Health – BiostatisticsContester2021
Luisa LOPES-CONCEIçãOPortuguese Oncology Institute of Porto – Epidemiology, Outcomes, Economics and Management in Oncology Group – Research Center (CI-IPOP)Contester2023
Raquel LOPEZ GONZALEZSubdirección General de Epidemiología – Servicio de Vigilancia y Registro de Cáncer de la Comunidad de MadridContester2021
 Olga LOPUSHANSKAYAN.N. Petrov Research Institute of Oncology, Saint – PetersburgContester2017
 Carolina LUIZAGAFundação Oncocentro de São PauloContester2013
 Nuno LUNETPortoContester2007
Allini MAFRA DA COSTACancer Registry Of Barretos RegionContester2019
Miroslava MAKOHUSOVAUniversity Childrens´HospitalContester2015
Rym MALLEKSalah Azaiz InstituteWinner SW2020
Alessandra MACCIOTTAUniversity of Turin – Department of Clinical and Biological SciencesContester2021
Irene Yi Sum MANInternational Agency for Research on Cancer – Early Detection, Prevention, and Infections Branch – 150 Cr Albert Thomas, 69008 LyonContester2022
Silvia MANCINIRegistro Tumori della Romagna, IRCCS-IRST, Meldola (FC)Contester2013
Emilie MARRERRegistre des cancers du Haut-RhinContester2016
Johann MATTUTATUniversity of Lübeck – Institute for Cancer EpidemiologyContester2021
Melissa MATZLSHTMContester2020
Joyce MEIJERNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL) – Contester2021
Iman MEZIANEMohammed VI Center for cancer treatment, Casablanca Medical School, University of Hassan IIWinner EAP2013
Irmina Maria MICHALEKPolish National Cancer Registry –  – Wawelska 15 B, WarsawWinner ET2022
Pamela MINICOZZIFondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, MilanContester2017
Marie MOITRYRegistres des cancers du Bas-RhinContester2015
Arturo MONCADA TORRESNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organization (IKNL) – Dept. of Research and DevelopmentContester2021
Samantha MORAISEPI Unit, Instituto de Saude Publica, Universidade do PortoContester2020, 2021
Morgane MOUNIERRegistre des hémopathies malignes de Côte d’Or, DijonWinner EAP2013
Meshack MWANTAKEKCMUCoContester2021
Hiroko NAKAGAWAAichi Cancer Center Research InstituteContester2016
Sarah NASHSEER Alaska Native Tumor RegistryContester2019
The Phuong NGUYENNational Cancer Center Institute for Cancer Control – Division of Surveillance and Policy Evaluation – 5-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0045Winner OT2022
Leticia NOGUEIRATexas Cancer RegistryContester2016
Emiko OKAOsaka University – Obstetrics and gynecologyContester2023
Nathan Okerosi MAUTINairobi Cancer RegistryContester2015
Laura ORTELLIRegistro Tumori Canton TicinoContester2014
 Gemma OSCA-GELISUnitat d’Epidemiologia i Registre de Càncer de Girona (UERCG), GironaContester2012
Quinn OSTROMCentral Brain Tumor Registry of the United StatesWinner EAP2019
Valerie OTTOUtah Cancer RegistryContester2019
 Isao OZEAichi Cancer Center Research Institute, Nagoya-city, AichiContester2010
Keiu PAAPSINational Institute for Health Development, EstoniaWinner EAP2018
 Emmanuelle PAGANELLICIC-BT -C.H.U de BesançonContester2008
Marieke PAPENetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organization (IKNL)Contester2020, 2021
 Laura PAREJADep. De Salud de CatalunyaContester2010
Luis Gabriel PARRA LARAUniversidad Icesi – Facultad de Ciencias de la SaludContester2021
Bárbara PELETEIRODep of Hygiene and Epidemiology. University of PortoWinner EAP2010
 Magalie PETERONCOMIP, ToulouseContester2009
Dafina PETROVAAndalusian School of Public Health – Cancer Registry of GranadaContester2023
Antoine PIRONETBelgian Cancer RegistryContester2017
Carole PORNET CHATELUniversity of Caen Basse-Normandie, Faculty of medecine, CaenWinner EAP2011
Nelson Alejandro PORTILLA HERRERAUniversidad del Valle – Registro Poblacional de Cancer de CaliContester2021
Adrian PUELLONational Cancer Institute Dominican Republic – Research dptContester2023
 Montserrat PUIG VIVESUnitat d’Epidemiologia i Registre de Càncer de Girona (UERCG), GironaContester2012
Manuela M QUARESMALSHTMContester2010
 Ivan RASHIDRegistro Tumori di ModenaContester2007
 Iresha RATNAYAKECancer Care ManitobaContester2019
Meriem REGRAGUIIbn Rochd University Hospital, Hassan II University. CasablancaContester2016
 Fulvio RICCERICPO – Registro Tumori PiemonteWinner EAP2006
 Sara ROBERTIVeneto Mesothelioma Registry,Occupational Health UnitContester2008
Quentin ROLLETLondon school of hygiene & tropical medicine – Inequalities in Cancer Outcomes NetworkContester2023
Michael ROSSKAMPBelgian Cancer RegistryContester2016
 Jérémie RUDANTINSERMWinner EAP2007
Christiane RUDOLPHInstitute of Cancer Epidemiology, University of LubeckWinner EAP2020, 2022
Lidia SACCHETTOPiedmont Cancer Registry – CPOWinner EAP2012, 2014, 2016
Daniel SABUSHIMIKERwanda Biomedical Centre – HDPC/NCDs Division/ Rwanda National Cancer Registry OfficeContester2023
Junna SAKANEOsaka Medical and Pharmaceutical University – breast and endocrine Surgical OncologyContester2023
Krishnan SATHISHKUMARNational Centre for Disease Informatics and Research, National Cancer Registry ProgrammeContester2015, 2021
Robin SCHAFFARGeneva Cancer RegistryWinner EAP2014
 Roxana Ioana SCHEUSANOncology Clinic, City Hospital, TimisoaraContester2010
Janmesh SHAHThe Gujarat Cancer & Research InstituteContester2015
Laura SCHUMANNUniversity of Luebeck – Insitute of Socialmedicine and EpidemiologyContester2023
Dimitra SIFAKI-PISTOLLAClinic of Social and Family Medicine, School of Medicine University of CreteContester2016
Jonathan SIMKINBC Cancer, Provincial Health Services Authority – British Columbia Cancer RegistryContester2021
 Gurnam SINGH JOHALNational Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS) Public Health EnglandContester2016
Ellis SLOTMANNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation – Department of Research and DevelopmentContester2021
Isabelle SOERJOMATARAMDepartment of Public Health Erasmus MC, RotterdamContester2010
Susan SPILLANETrinity Centre for health Sciences, DublinWinner EAP2012
 Alessandra SPITALETicino Cancer RegistryWinner EAP2008
Karianne SVENDSENThe Cancer Registry of NorwayContester2023
Patumrat SRIPANResearch Institute for Health Sciences, Chiang Mai University – Contester2021
 Eric STEWARTCancer Registry of Greater CaliforniaContester2019
Ranjeeta SUBEDINepal Health Research CouncilContester2019
Natesan SURESHKUMARNational Centre for Disease Infomatics and Research- National Cancer Registry ProgrammeContester2015
Maria-Eleni SYLEOUNIEpidemiology, Biostatistics and Prevention Institute – Chronic Disease EpidemiologyContester2023
Elisavet SYRIOPOULOU Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SwedenContester2020, 2023
Tim TAMBUYZERStichting Kankerregister – / – Koningsstraat 215 bus 7, 1210 BrusselWinner OT2022
Rina TANAKADepartment of Medicine, Hirosaki UniversityContester2020
Wilmer TARUPIFacultad de Ciencias de la salud Eugenio Espejo – Univesidad UTEWinner SW2020
Hanna TERVONENUniversity of South AustraliaWinner EAP2015
 Narhari TIMILSHINAUniversity Health Network – Toronto General HospitalContester2014
 Maite TIMMERMANSNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), UtrechtContester2017
Yoshiaki USUIAichi Cancer CentreContester2019
Adriana VALDELAMAR JIMéNEZInstituto Nacional de Cancerología ESE, – Clinical and epidemiological research group on cancerWinner SW2023
Ana Maria VALBUENAUniversidad Industrial de SantanderContester2018
Yudy Juliana VALDIVIESO PRADANational Institute of Cancerology of ColombiaContester2020
 Joan VALLS MARSALUnitat de Bioestadística i Suport Metodològic . Institut de Recerca Biomèdica de Lleida (IRBLleida)Contester2015
Lisa VAN HOOGSTRATENNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL, Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland) – Research & DevelopmentContester2021
Marissa Corine VAN MAARENNetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL) – Department of Research and DevelopmentWinner EAP2021
Simone VERSTEEGUtrechWinner EAP2017
Mugi WAHIDINDirectorate of Cancer Control, Ministry of Health, JakartaWinner2011
 Kristin WEEKSCarver College of Medicine – University of IowaContester2020
Caroline Elise WEIBULLDepartment of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Karolinska Institutet, StockholmContester2012
Diana Robin WITHROWUniversity of OxfordWinner EAP2020
Federica ZAMAGNIIRCCS Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori (IRST) “Dino Amadori” – Epidemiology Unit and Emilia-Romagna Cancer Registry, section of RomagnaWinner ET, Contester2021, 2022
Ling ZHAGraduate School of Medicine, Osaka UniversityContester2020
 Giulia ZIGONIRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori, MilanoContester2007
Mirte ZIJSTRANetherlands Comprehensive Cancer Organisation (IKNL), UtrechtContester2017
Antonella ZUCCHETTOIRCCS, Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Aviano (PN)Contester2012

Winner EAP: Winner of the Enrico Anglesio Prize

Winner ET: Winner of the Elvo Tempia Special Prize

Winner SW: Winner of the Sharon Whelan Special Prize

Winner OT: Winner of other special prizes (e.g. Special Waiver)

Alumni Committee: Term of Reference


The Enrico Anglesio Prize Alumni Committee (hereinafter referred to as “EAP Alumni Committee” or simply “Committee”) has been established in July 2021 to develop a dynamic network of relationships between winners, participants and friends of the Enrico Anglesio Prize.


Connect, engage, succeed, celebrate.


At the highest level, the Committee aims to connect young cancer researchers all over the word to share knowledge, experiences, to follow young careers development and to celebrate successes. Specifically, the Committee has the following objectives:

Ad hoc Working Groups shall be implemented in order to promote the aims of the Committee. These Working Groups may represent varied interests and affiliations.


Membership of the EAP Alumni Committee is voluntary, inclusive and free of charge with automatic joining on application for the contest. Members can withdraw their enrollment at any time by writing an email to Upon invitation by the Alumni Committee, individual young researchers from fields different than cancer can also be invited to join and to contribute to the scientific interchange. Furthermore, the EAP Alumni Committee can invite and appoint Honorary Members.

Honorary Members are eminent researchers in epidemiological and oncology fields and/or any distinguished person who contributed to cancer control and to the Enrico Anglesio Prize and/or the Alumni Committee activities and duties. They will contribute as advisers and mentors

    1. The EAP Alumni Committee is overseen by a Prefectus (the incumbent) assisted by the Prefect Elect and the Past Prefect. They are elected among the members that have contested the Prize in one of its editions between 2006 and present.
      The Executive Board of the Fondo Elena Moroni will appoint one of its members to act as Liaison Officer between the Fondo itself and the Alumni Committee.
      The Prefects and the Liaison Officer are collectively called the Cabinet.
    2. The Prefects should jointly coordinate the activities of the Committee, fostering proposals from other members and taking care of the organization of the meetings. They will interact with the Fondo’s Liaison Officer. If made necessary by the development of the activities, the Prefects can appoint an aide, called Ancillus /Ancilla, selected among the youngest members. The Ancillus/a takes care of secretary activities, such as but not limited to correspondence with the members, logistics and organization of meetings.
    3. The Prefects shall serve a term of four (4) years: one (1) year in the role of Prefect Elect, two (2) years as Incumbent Prefect; one (1) year as Past Prefect. The Ancillus/a shall serve a term of three (3) years; members in both roles shall be eligible for additional terms, with a maximum of eight (8) years, regardless of office held.
    4. The Election of the Prefect could be held during one of the regular meeting of the Committee or a specific meeting can be scheduled for this purpose. In any case elections should be announced at least two months in advance to guarantee the largest participation of members and to encourage candidacies. A member can self-nominate himself. If nobody will express voluntary willingness to be a candidate within one month from the election, the Prefects should act to find eligible members. A simple majority of those voting will be required for election.
    5. The first election round is expected in the Spring 2022. For the time being, three Alumni will be appointed by the Fondo Elena Moroni as Prefects with equivalent role and duties to take care of Alumni Committee activities in strict collaboration with the Liason Officier and the FEM Board of Directors.
    6. The Prefects and their Assistant will receive no remuneration for acting as such but may be reimbursed for reasonable and actual expenses properly incurred and disbursements properly made in connection with the performance of their duties, if duly approved by the Fondo Elena Moroni Liaison Officer. In addition the Committee will receive an initial budget as detailed in Article 6.

The FEM will provide the Alumni Committee with the following facilities:

In addition, an initial budget up to one thousand Euro (1000€) will be granted by the FEM upon the presentation of detailed proposals in line with the mission and vision of the Committee. Proposals will be evaluated by the Liaison Officer and formally approved by the FEM Treasurer. Those funds should support the Committee most relevant initiatives during the starting years.

The activities of the Alumni Committee and its achievements will be presented at the FEM website page. This page can be autonomously developed, enriched, updated and become a kind of “talent window”. The Alumni Committee is encouraged to consider to create and feed profiles on social media.


The EAP alumni committee should meet regularly and at least three times a year by initiative of the Prefects. Each member is expected to attend at least two (2) meetings per annum. Additional meetings may be convened if deemed necessary. Meetings will be held primarily online, with a schedule allowing the broadest participation of members (taking care of different time zones and national holidays); the Enrico Anglesio Prize yearly contest could be the occasion for organizing an “in person” meeting. The minutes of the meetings are drafted by the Ancillus/a and are approved by the Cabinet.


The Terms of Reference shall be reviewed periodically. As far as possible, the changes to the TOR will take the form of additive amendments, without altering the above eight articles.

Solution of matters of governance that could arise in the life of the Committee will be inspired by the consultation of Robert’s Rules of Order, Twelfth Edition, 2020.

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