Stella de Sabata

Dr. Stella de Sabata


Maria Stella de Sabata, MA, is Scientific Advisor to Fondo Elena Moroni, Member of the Advisory Board of the Uppsala Health Summit and Board Member of the International Diabetes Federation European Region, of which she was Regional Manager for three years. Her career spans 20 years of international health cooperation, policy and advocacy with a cross-cutting non-communicable disease prevention and control approach, especially cancer and diabetes.

In the area of oncology Ms de Sabata has worked with both NGOs  (UICC- Union for International Cancer Control) and the United Nations (IAEA-International Atomic Energy Agency and WHO/IARC – International Agency for Research on Cancer, for which she was the initial  Project Manager for the Global Initiative on Cancer Registry Development) focusing on strategy development, programme design and implementation, knowledge sharing, research, partnership building, resource mobilization and evidence-based advocacy for change.

Stella de Sabata holds two Master degrees in the humanities from the University of Geneva.

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