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2020 – 2021

Strengthening the Organization

During the pandemic, many international scientific interchange activities were cancelled or postponed. This has been the case in particular for meetings and conferences the Fondo Elena Moroni used to support and organize or co-organize.
During the last 18 months the FEM, beside converting and running the Enrico Anglesio Prize (EAP) in virtual format, decided to divert part of resources and energies to initiatives aimed to reinforce its organization, to be better prepared for the future.

A renewed website

The website moved to a different IT platform, the WordPress one. While maintaining a graphic line in continuity with the previous one, many parts have been updated both technically and with respect to the contents, and with respect to the frequency of the updating.
Sections (usually in form of subpages) have been created to host the archives for the past activities, many of which, developed since 2006, deserve to be preserved.
The management of the EAP has been largely automated through the website (see below).
As a result, the website revealed more friendly in the accesses, and enhanced a more intense interaction with its visitors.
Statistics speak!
From 01.07.20 to 10.09.21 the FEM website has been visited 65.591 times by 14.130 visitors. Visitors came from 145 countries; 68 of which contributed with more than 10 visitors.  Daily number of visits increased from around 100 during the first month to over 300 during August 2021.

Novelties at the Enrico Anglesio Prize


It has been introduced an initial level of automation in the application procedures, in dispatching the works of the candidates to the Jury for evaluation, and in gathering the scoring by the single Jurors. This work will go on with the automatization of the correspondence with the candidates and the Jury.

New Satellite Prizes

Two new Prizes have been introduced: 

The Sharon Whelan Special Prize to award the best scoring candidate coming from a Low Middle Income Country. This Prize is offered by the IACR International Association of Cancer Registries

The Elvo Tempia Special Prize to award the youngest best scoring competitor in the first four positions after the absolute winner. This Prize is offered by the Edo and Elvo Tempia Foundation of Biella, Italy

Establishment of an Alumni Committee

An Alumni Committee has been launched. All the participants to the 2006 – present edition of the Enrico Anglesio Prize are entitled to join. Currently, members are around 200.A dedicated website page has been created and it is being populated with the bio sketch of the Alumni ( ).

Auspicios y otras iniciativas


• ASERT, en cooperación con la Fundación Tempia de Biella, y el Centro Oncológico Moffitt de Tampa, Florida, ha patrocinado y organizado la 20ª reunión anual del grupo GEM (Genes, Environments and Melanoma) y la 6ª edición de la reunión “GEM meets Europe”, en Biella, del 4 al 6 de octubre. A la reunión asistieron 23 científicos  provenientes de 6 países de Europa, América del Norte y Oceanía.

• ASERT organizó la décima edición del Premio Enrico Anglesio, en la 41ª Conferencia Anual IACR-NAACCR celebrada en Vancouver, Canadá, del 13 al 15 de junio. Esta edición 2019 fue un gran éxito, con el mayor número de candidatos en la historia del Premio: 19 investigadores jóvenes de 8 países de todos los continentes, excepto Oceanía. El ganador fue la Dra. Quinn Ostrom de Houston, Texas. Más detalles en la sección Premios del presente sitio web.

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