International Agency for Research on Cancer. Summer School 2021.

Risultato immagini per IARC

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, Education and Training Programme, is organizing also for 2021 the traditional Summer School. This year the courses will be 100% on line, and will take place at various dates in May and June. Application is now open (deadline 1st of March 2021; acceptance notified by mid-April).

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An online Course on Skin Cancers and Psoriasis. Ragusa, Sicily, 5-6 March 2021

The Ragusa Section of the Italian League Against Cancer is organizing a course to be held  the next 5° and 6°  of  March. The course, whose title is “Amici per la pelle”, will  be convened virtually on a online platform. The Fondo Elena Moroni is among the sponsors of the initiative. The detailed program will be posted soon at this section of the website.

Program Brochure:
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La Ragusa Ibla di Montalbano, perla sconosciuta del barocco siciliano -  Foto 1 di 8 | SiViaggia

The Award Ceremony has took place online on 18 November 2020, as announced. More information at the page PRIZE of this website

News from the Board

Lidia Sacchetto, Vice-President of the Fondo Elena Moroni, on 7 July 2020  defended her Ph.D in Pure and Applied Mathematics (a join program between Politecnico di Torino and Università degli Studi di Torino) with the thesis “Statistical methods for biomarker discovery and multivariate classifier evaluation”. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the important result. 

Pierre Band (1935-2020)

Pierre Band, an old friend of Fondo Elena Moroni, passed away in Montreal on 26 of April 2020. In 2007 Pierre hosted the GRELL meeting at which the second edition of the Enrico Anglesio Prize took place.

On that occasion, Pierre and Michèle Band donated to the Prize a wonderful crystal trophy, which can be seen on the Prize Section of this website.

Pierre Band had a long and brilliant career, first in Medical Oncology (he wrote the protocol of the Tamoxifene RTC ), then in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology (he was the Director of the British Columbia Cancer Agency). He crowned his long experience with the book “Therapeutic Revolution. The History of Medical Oncology from Early Days to the Creation of the Subspecialty” *.

Between 2008 and 2010 Roberto Zanetti and Fondo Elena Moroni (then Fondo Anglesio Moroni) organized for Pierre three conferences in Italy presenting his work in progress in Turin, Parma and Florence. Pierre Band’s Turin conference in 2008 coincided with the ceremony for the centennial anniversary of the birth of Enrico Anglesio.

* A presentation of the book can be found at:

Cancellation of IACR Annual Conference in Noumea and Confirmation of Enrico Anglesio Prize

The annual scientific conference of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR), announced in Noumea (New Caledonia) for the next October was cancelled in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In that occasion, the Premio Enrico Anglesio was assigned to a young researcher presenting an original study. However, to not deprive young researchers with this opportunity, the Scientific Council of the Fondo Elena Moroni will propose a new version of the Prize.

We will soon publish rules and forms for applying to the Prize in this site.

News at the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 impact estimation in Piedmont (Italy) and future scenarios of epidemic evolution.

Pointing to the first epidemic peak, Iacopo Baussano and Stefano Rosso estimated future scenarios of epidemic evolution according to the different hypotheses of containment measures in Piedmont.

Below, the link to the article (in italian only)

Enjoy the reading !

Fase 2: tornare alla normalità o mantenere il distanziamento?

Iacopo Baussano
Infection and Cancer Epidemiology Group
Stefano Rosso
Registro Tumori Piemonte

News from the Board

Lidia Sacchetto, Vice-President of the Fondo Elena Moroni, started working at Bayer AG in Berlin from February 2020. She joined the Unit of Biomarker and Data Insights as statistician. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the new position and wishes Lidia all the best for this experience.

News from the Board

Dr Stella de Sabata, Member of the FEM Scientific and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Uppsala Health Summit, attended the conference “Healthy Urban Childhoods”, 8-9 October 2019.

Furthermore, in December 2019 Dr Stella de Sabata has been elected to the Board of the International Diabetes Federation – European Region -. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the prestigious achievement.

Uppsala health summit 2019 Summit 2019: Healthy Urban Childhoods Uppsala slott Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt BILDERNA ÄR FRIKÖPTA AV UPPSALA UNIVERSITET

5th International UV & Skin Cancer Prevention Conference

The 5th International UV & Skin Cancer Prevention Conference will take place in Machelen, Belgium, during the Spring 2021. It will be organized by EUROSKIN, under the umbrella of WHO.

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