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An interesting workshop

Our colleagues and friends, Dr Gian Paolo Dotto, Massachusetts General Hospital and ICP Lausanne, and Dr. Giovanna Chiorino, Laboratorio di Genetica, Fondazione Tempia, Biella, are the organizers of the First International Workshop  on “Sexual Dimorphism in Cancer” , to be held online on March 22-26. See more details at the poster here below. Contact person:


Risto Sankila (1958 – 2019)

We belatedly learnt the sad news that our colleague and friend Risto Sankila passed away. After graduating in medicine, Risto joined as junior scientist the team of the Finnish Cancer Registry in Helsinki. He authored a good number of appreciated epidemiological studies, based on the Finnish data, as well as on the Nordic and the European ones. His research interest included childhood cancer, survival analysis at population level, evaluation of screening programs, and clinical epidemiology. At the beginning of this century Risto was appointed Chief Medical Officer at the Finnish Cancer Registry, being very instrumental in organizing the IACR (International Association of Cancer Registries) conference in Helsinki, June 2002. He has been Professor at the Tampere University till 2008. Risto has also been a valuable contributor of several European research consortia such as Eurocare and Eurocourse, and served as member of the Steering Committee of the European Network of Cancer Registry. We will miss his acute intelligence, his deep knowledge of the statistical job, his irony and his warm way of dealing with all of us.

Roberto Zanetti and Jan Willem Coebergh

Turin and Oegstgees, February 2021

 and a personal memory of Jan Willem on the Risto’s PhD thesis, May 1998

“Risto’s thesis, ‘Cancer patient survival: a population-based approach’ (Cancer Society of Finland Publication, No. 60, Helsinki 1998) comprised 5 Finnish Cancer Registry-based studies on neuroblastoma, seasonal variation in incidence, pregnancy and breast cancer survival, hereditary colon cancer and multiple cancers. Each with specific reasearch questions, methodolocial approaches and involvement of a variety of clinicians and the Finnish biostatisticians we all know. His promotors for the thesis were Timo Hakulinen and Lyly Teppo, while I was the opponent. After 1,5 hour of the available 5 we were all exhausted by the intensity of the discussion, and getting thirsty and hungry of course. A delicious and very stylish dinner followed as well as the next day a trip to a house near a lake with a  sauna and photographs being taken which have still not reached the internet.

Because Risto mastered thus also the subject of survival analysis he went to Lyon and did a lot of work for  the European Network of Cancer Registries, among other resulting in his editorship of an IARC Technical Publications No. 37 titled : Evaluation of Clinical Care by Cancer Registries (appeared in 2003) with speakers from 9 European countries and a broad range of issues, i.e. aspects of survivorship”

International Agency for Research on Cancer. Summer School 2021.

Risultato immagini per IARC

The International Agency for Research on Cancer, Education and Training Programme, is organizing also for 2021 the traditional Summer School. This year the courses will be 100% on line, and will take place at various dates in May and June. Application is now open (deadline 1st of March 2021; acceptance notified by mid-April).

Click here for details and on line application form:

An online Course on Skin Cancers and Psoriasis. Ragusa, Sicily, 5-6 March 2021

The Ragusa Section of the Italian League Against Cancer is organizing a course to be held  the next 5° and 6°  of  March. The course, whose title is “Amici per la pelle”, will  be convened virtually on a online platform. The Fondo Elena Moroni is among the sponsors of the initiative. The detailed program will be posted soon at this section of the website.

Program Brochure:
click here

La Ragusa Ibla di Montalbano, perla sconosciuta del barocco siciliano -  Foto 1 di 8 | SiViaggia

The Award Ceremony has took place online on 18 November 2020, as announced. More information at the page PRIZE of this website

News from the Board

Lidia Sacchetto, Vice-President of the Fondo Elena Moroni, on 7 July 2020  defended her Ph.D in Pure and Applied Mathematics (a join program between Politecnico di Torino and Università degli Studi di Torino) with the thesis “Statistical methods for biomarker discovery and multivariate classifier evaluation”. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the important result. 

Cancellation of IACR Annual Conference in Noumea and Confirmation of Enrico Anglesio Prize

The annual scientific conference of the International Association of Cancer Registries (IACR), announced in Noumea (New Caledonia) for the next October was cancelled in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In that occasion, the Premio Enrico Anglesio was assigned to a young researcher presenting an original study. However, to not deprive young researchers with this opportunity, the Scientific Council of the Fondo Elena Moroni will propose a new version of the Prize.

We will soon publish rules and forms for applying to the Prize in this site.

News at the time of Covid-19

Covid-19 impact estimation in Piedmont (Italy) and future scenarios of epidemic evolution.

Pointing to the first epidemic peak, Iacopo Baussano and Stefano Rosso estimated future scenarios of epidemic evolution according to the different hypotheses of containment measures in Piedmont.

Below, the link to the article (in italian only)

Enjoy the reading !

Fase 2: tornare alla normalità o mantenere il distanziamento?

Iacopo Baussano
Infection and Cancer Epidemiology Group
Stefano Rosso
Registro Tumori Piemonte

News from the Board

Lidia Sacchetto, Vice-President of the Fondo Elena Moroni, started working at Bayer AG in Berlin from February 2020. She joined the Unit of Biomarker and Data Insights as statistician. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the new position and wishes Lidia all the best for this experience.

News from the Board

Dr Stella de Sabata, Member of the FEM Scientific and Member of the Advisory Committee of the Uppsala Health Summit, attended the conference “Healthy Urban Childhoods”, 8-9 October 2019.

Furthermore, in December 2019 Dr Stella de Sabata has been elected to the Board of the International Diabetes Federation – European Region -. The Fondo Elena Moroni congratulates on the prestigious achievement.

Uppsala health summit 2019 Summit 2019: Healthy Urban Childhoods Uppsala slott Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt BILDERNA ÄR FRIKÖPTA AV UPPSALA UNIVERSITET

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